Thursday, December 3, 2009

We'd Love to Have You Join Us!

Dear Family and Friends,

What a wonderful time of the year! The Christmas season is once again upon us and we find ourselves fully immersed in the festivities of the holidays. We hope that this letter finds each and everyone of you and your families happy, healthy, and enjoying the things that make this time of year so memorable.

Last year, many of you joined our family as we started a very special tradition, and we invite each of you and many more to join us once again!

Christmas of 2008 was our first Christmas without little Branson here to join us in our holiday celebrations. Rob and I wanted to start a tradition that would honor his memory and allow his sweet, pure spirit to be a part of this special time of year. We decided to buy a stocking, with his name embroidered on it...and fill it completely full...with love. How you might ask, with simple acts of love given to those around us through acts of service.

Together Rob and I really focused on having our eyes and our hearts open to people around us in need, and then perform a small act of service in Branson's memory for them. Each night we would write those small acts down on paper and put them in Branson's stocking. We also decided to invite our family and friends to join us in the effort of filling his stocking to the brim.

We were humbled and amazed as we received emails throughout the holiday season from people we've known for years, and even strangers we've never met. The acts of love ranged from giving a hug to someone having a hard day, a little boy letting his brother play with his favorite toy, to people donating money in Branson's name to a charity, or making goodies for a friend.

On Christmas eve we sat down together and pulled our each little strip of paper and read them, and then after the holidays were over I made a special Christmas Memories book where we scrap booked pages and pages with each little piece. Each time we look at the book we are filled with joy and peace. We were so honored that all of you would participate with us in such selfless ways! It was a Christmas to remember for sure!

So we invite you once again to join us as we begin to add those small acts of love to our little boy's stocking. We know that all of you do so many good things, especially during this season. What we ask, is that you choose one time specifically to perform an act of service for someone and do it with Branson in mind. Then, email me explaining what you did, your name, and location. Then I will print it and it to his stocking and eventually his memory book.

We hope that as you do this your heart will be filled with love and your holiday season will be brightened. We love each of you and appreciate your continued friendship, love, and support. Merry Christmas!

Love, Rob.Natalie.Branson.Brooklyn Call